Raffaella Bertolini


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Raffaella Bertolini

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Originally from Italy, Raffaella received her diploma in Art from the Liceo Artistico Arturo Martini in Savona. Her main influences are derived from popular and urban culture, fashion, art, music and literature, along with environmental and political issues. In her portraiture, she blends a (literally!) colourful humour with Psychedelic Art to create her own brand of “Psychedelic Pop Art”, focusing primarily on the female figure. A large number of her “Icons” portraits use alcohol ink. In these works, she celebrates not only the famous but also hidden heroes, such as members of the London Underground scene, unearthed in her recent artwork.

Oil & spray paint on canvas

Framed in tray frame

Canvas: 76 x 61cm

Tray frame: 80 x 66cm

Picture for reference only

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