Raffaella Bertolini

Spaced Cowboy

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Collaboration Piece with Jason Pengelly


Raffaella Bertolini

Refusing to limit her work, Raffaella is a storyteller who finds inspiration in a variety of artistic expressions, fed by her lifelong passion and ambition for creative expression. She incorporates elements of her various muses, which lately come from urban/street art. In her urban and mixed-media paintings, as well as in her beautifully detailed drawings, she explores themes of sensuality, humour, religion, and mental health.

Raffaella’s artwork has been regularly showcased in exhibitions in the UK and New York, and the breadth and versatility of her talents have been increasingly recognized. Her exceptional painting Re-Veiled was the runner-up among 40 participants in the online competition “V Gran Premio Citta’ – a prize organized by the Savona art movement, the “Movimento Arte del XXI Secolo”, to recognize excellence in contemporary art expression.

Jason Pengelly 

Working out of Frogmore in beautiful South Devon, he is now using some of his joinery skills alongside a renewed love for getting colour onto various mediums. 

Having first exhibited as part of the "Eclectic Collective" in South Devon, Jason went on to exhibit at "Tribe 15"  "Tribe16" & "Flux 3", all in London, and more recently at Chapelarts Urban Art Show in Cheltenham. He is now looking forward to branching out and having the opportunities to show his work to a wider audience.


This painting is a special collaboration with artist Jason Pengelly

The background has been painted with UV/fluorescent paint that will make the painting “light up” under UV light. Oils, spray paint, UV paint on 80×80 cm canvas.

Picture in situ - reference only



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