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cObo is an artist from the French town of Albi, Tarn in the Haute-Savoie.  cObo’s original painting inspiration came from the Hip Hop culture, he grew up immersed in this scene (rap, dance, graffiti and DJing).  In 1991 at 10 years old cObo had already redesigned the tapestry of his room. cObo transformed his school notebooks into sketchbooks, much to the disapproval of his teachers. His images of superheroes and cartoons are often a reflection of his mood, cObo creates work in a very free and easy way with no restrictions or rules. cObo started creating art with graffiti although now his techniques also include drawing, painting, stencils, collage, sculpture and photography. cObo is a free electron in the current landscape of urban art. His style is unique and identifiable in Pop and Street Art culture.


Influences include C215, Bandi and Nilko.