Annette Martin

Annette's work seeks to capture the essence of feminine spirituality and sexuality at one and the same time.  Her minimal mark-making creates the opportunity for the viewer to become complicit in the completion of the piece. In the past Annette produced and exhibited fine art photography, more recently she uses mixed media, including charcoal, pastel, watercolour and collage to express herself.  

“For many years I found it hard to say the words ‘I am an artist’ as I always felt that honour was for someone else.  Coming from a dysfunctional childhood I’d like to think that my work can serve as inspiration to those people who also find it hard to have the confidence to see who they really are.” 

Annette has an Honours Degree in Fine Art from Sheffield Hallam University.  She has taught life drawing and has exhibited her work at various art shows and galleries throughout the UK, including on Cork Street and in a solo London show.