Annette Martin

Annette has an Honours Degree in Fine Art from Sheffield Hallam University.  She has taught life drawing and has exhibited her work at various art shows and galleries throughout the UK, including and photographic solo London show 'I am the whore and the Holy One' and a collaboration in Cork Street.

Annette was instrumental in the 80's for altering the food industry's approach to food additive by presenting the government with a petition of 52,000 signatures asking for changes which definitely made a difference to the food industry at that time.  Annette is a Karuna Reiki Master and has, together with her husband, designed a mind, body spirit board game The Gift of Enlightenment which continues to sell in the USA.  Annette has worked with Vivienne Westwood on large a fashion project and as a young girl worked for Diana Dors!  Annette has produced and exhibited fine art photography, more recently she uses mixed media, including charcoal, pastel, and oil and gold leaf.