Andy Robinson

Andy Robinson was born in the 60’s and works as a professional photographer for J&A Photography, based in North Devon, England.

Although the majority of Andy’s work is commissioned, over the past three years he has found time to create personal projects, including the dramatic DarkArt Ladies series that is featured here in the Fleek Gallery Collection. By collaborating with local textile artist Laura Shone, Andy has been able to create a set of dark, whimsical and occasionally unsettling images based around these unique costumes and headdresses.

Exploring recurring themes of ‘Hope’, ‘Light’, ‘Constraint’ and ‘Duality’, these heavily stylised portraits draw inspiration from many eras of art history. There are elements of Caravaggio, Vermeer and Millais in the work – even the gothic romanticism of Blake and Fuseli is hinted at

Also showing are images from Andy’s second collection entitled: ‘Shipwrecked’. This series of photographs was started in April 2021 along the North Devon coast and represents some of the more human artefacts that have appeared on its beautiful yet rugged shoreline.


In 2020, Andy won the ‘Avant Garde and Contemporary Portraiture Category’ image of the year organised by The Guild of Photographers and selected from over 16,000 competition entries. In fact, two other images from the DarkArt Ladies series were also included in final shortlist of ten.


 With the exception of the acrylic ‘Ophelia’ and boxed canvas of ‘Lauren in a parachute dress’, all of Andy’s original photographs are giclée printed onto fine art paper; mounted, signed and framed.