Aiylabeau is a professional contemporary artist who produces outstanding work in an eclectic range of mediums including Hyper-realism, fetish art, NFT & abstract art.

Aiylabeau is also a model and was a finalist in the Beautifulbizarre prize 2020.

"My childhood was very artistic with both of my parents being artists, so I was always encouraged to draw and could often be sat in the kitchen covered in paint. We also came from a circus background, so from a very early age I was in amongst creative people which taught me to express my individuality and myself. It was also a very musical childhood, so a very expressionistic and performance related time in my life. The abstract works I make are a visual representation of my emotional state. I live with a hormonal condition that effects my moods so painting them helps me give them a space outside of myself, making the intangible tangible and observable".