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What do you think is going on in the mind behind the eyes of this incredible portrait? There’s a magic in never knowing the mystery of expressions like this and to see them so perfectly personified through art. This signed original oil on canvas titled ‘Kurt Cobain’ by Jasper Starky certainly does this.      

Sifting through a collection of cassette tapes in a market stall in 1994 me and a friend chose a tape each. He bought ‘The Spaghetti Incident’ by Gun’s & Roses and I got ‘In Utero’ by a band I had heard about but never heard their music, Nirvana. As it turns out both of our cassettes were pirate copies, seems almost trivial these days but at the time I paid I didn’t know so I figured I can be forgiven for that.

When I first heard the screeching distortion of a dissonant chord, followed by the raw and purely angst ridden guitar riff of track 1 ‘Serve the Servants’, something made slight shift in me. It was like a door opened and whatever was on the other side I wanted to know more.

I was a late arrival to the Nirvana and Kurt Cobain phenomenon. I had heard people talking about the band but I didn’t know the suicide had been pretty much around the time I first heard In Utero. I was playing the album in my room, over and over and my brother told me the singer Kurt Cobain committed suicide. I hadn’t even seen what he looked like, I just knew I wanted to hear more music and eventually had every album on CD, all of them a masterpiece in their own right.

We currently live in a time in which connecting with likeminded people globally is very achievable. It is so heart-warming to see the youth of today sharing the passion and love for Nirvana and the grunge movement in general. With certain music there is definitely the feeling of a collective consciousness and with Nirvana this is just as much the case now as it was then, without a doubt. There have been many describe Kurt Cobain as a voice for the angry and disillusioned youth. I also feel this this is about feeling lost and confused in a world which can sometimes be hard to find truth and meaning in. This is a shared notion among many people at varying stages of life and I hope Nirvana continues to speak to anyone who needs that long lost friend to relate to.

Every now and then something changes your perspective of the world. The lyrics, melodies, soul, passion and feel of Kurt Cobain’s music is for me definitely one of these game changers. Will there ever be one singular person or band in the world again that can have such an impact with their music? Time will tell.   

To find out more about Jasper Starky and see more of hi artwork check out his page here:  

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